Trading Rules

Trading rules

Illegal trading refers to that customers conduct intensive transactions in a very short period of time, illegally collect service charges or launder money. No person shall attempt to engage in or engage in any act of false trading, including making false or misleading trading in the relevant recognized market or through the use of automated trading services. In addition, the law provides that no person shall, with intent to defraud or deceive, directly or indirectly use any means, plan or scheme; or engage directly or indirectly in any act, practice or business of a fraudulent or deceptive nature or with the effect of fraud or deception.

Summing up the experience of the bank, short-term trading does not benefit customers in the end, because customers have to pay a huge fee for frequent transactions, and frequent trading is not the right investment method, so customers can not obtain greater benefits in the transaction. Abnormal transactions take up a lot of network resources, which will affect the stability of the trading system and hinder the smooth transaction of normal customers. In order to protect the interests of customers, we will never accept any abnormal transaction.

Abnormal transaction rules:

1. If the agent or its customers have more than 50% of the closing transaction is shorter than 5 minutes, the single profit is more than 2 points, or frequent transactions, illegal arbitrage of service charges and money laundering. (commonly known as scalp trade)

2. Using illegal computer software not released by our company, directly or indirectly using illegal plug-in or damaging tool trading.

3. Due to the delay of network connection, taking advantage of quotation errors or loopholes of quotation system to obtain illegal benefits for the purpose of arbitrage and lock position trading.

4. The number of transactions varies greatly, from 0.1 to 0.5 to 5-10.

5. Transaction orders with frequent transactions within 24 hours, and the profit and loss of the transaction sheet are less than or equal to the transaction cost. If it accounts for more than 50% of the total transaction list, the company has the right to stop the account and deduct the Trading Commission of illegal arbitrage.

The company's handling methods for abnormal transactions:

If suspected abnormal transaction customers are found, the company will have the right to freeze the account transactions and funds for audit investigation without notifying the agent and customer. The audit time is 30 working days. If the account is confirmed by audit to conduct abnormal transactions again, our company will have the right to deduct the profit and commission generated by the abnormal transaction of the account, and detain 5% of the principal as the abnormal transaction handling fee. If it is serious, 30% will be deducted as abnormal transaction fee.

Note: abnormal transactions include but are not limited to the above five means or methods. The company will adjust the relevant rules from time to time without further notice.

Ronghui Group Co., Ltd has the right of final interpretation.

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Risk warning: foreign exchange margin trading has high risks and may not be suitable for every investor. Before applying for and entering into any foreign exchange margin trading and price difference contract, you should carefully consider your objectives, financial status, needs and experience level, And consult independent professional consultants when necessary. The role of foreign exchange margin and differential contract leverage is to amplify your profits and losses. Before formal trading, please ensure that you fully understand the existing risks, including that the principal loss may be much higher than your initial investment. If you can't bear the loss, Please do not invest rashly. Before you decide to use our services, please browse the legal file page to download and carefully read the terms of use of our risk warning website.

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